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    Welcome to Maybury Marketing. Showing my age now, I’ve worked in the hospitality sector for over 25 years and specialised in revenue management and online sales. In 2005, I became self-employed and over the years, I have helped businesses across a range of sectors to grow their revenue. It has not always been easy, like many businesses we’ve hit bumps in the road but I’m really proud to be still self-employed 16 years later, even through recession.

    The Covid-19 pandemic of 2020, saw many businesses take a downturn, albeit temporary closures in most cases but none the less with devastating effect for many business owners and their employees. Going by the famous quote by Albert Einstein “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity”, during this time, I seized an amazing opportunity and re-branded my business, which brought all elements of the work I do for clients in all sectors from hotels to retail under one umbrella brand MAYBURY MARKETING.

    I work with small and medium size organisations to help them to reconnect with existing customers, reach new audiences, build their brand and get their message out there and ultimately grow sales. Maybury Marketing provides packages tailored made to suit each client’s needs. “I love what I do, I love helping others get the most out of every opportunity.”

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