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Hacked !!

I need your help …. Please ! 

At the start of December, my personal facebook page was hacked !! Yes hacked, so let this be a lesson to all, it does happen !! The clever hackers also removed me as admin from my business page, Maybury Marketing and that page then disappeared. Despite several attempts to get this resolved, it was not possible and I now have to start with a clean slate.  

I had spent the last 1½ years building up my followers on facebook and there was a lovely supportive community on the page, so I’m gutted to lose that but I hope it won’t take long to re-build those followers. I also had to create a new personal profile, as it was through my personal page that the hackers got in !!   

  • But rather than dwell on the negatives and I could rant for sometime but I won’t !! Instead lets find the silver lining.   
  • I have a fantastic network of friends and colleagues that I hope will help me re-build the profile 
  • I can use this new space as an opportunity to be more visible on social media. Its time to get over myself and get more visible on camera, fresh start and all that 

And finally, the timing is probably perfect, new year, new facebook page, so I have 2022 and beyond to grow    So, like I said above, I need your help… I’d reallyappreciate if you would follow my new Maybury Marketing page. Link : : @mayburymarketing1) if you could share on your own pages and bring along a few followers that way, that would be a fantastic help too. I will gladly return the favour should you need my help in the future.    Thank you for your continued support !