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  • Sandra Maybury - Maybury Marketing

    Welcome to Maybury Marketing

    Maybury Marketing is a re-branded business that brings together all elements of the work I do for clients in sectors from hotels to retail to solopreneurs under one umbrella brand MAYBURY MARKETING. I help you reconnect with existing customers, reach new audiences, build your brand and get your message out there so that ultimately you grow your sales. I provide packages tailored to your business requirements and unique to your needs.


    I love what I do and I love helping others get the most out of every opportunity. I'd love to help you.



  • How Can Maybury Marketing Help Your Business?

    I have worked with clients in hospitality, retail and across sectors. I can adapt a plan that works for you.

    Established Business - Maybury Marketing

    Are You An Established Business?

    I'll work with you to show you how you can maximise your revenue both in terms of generation and management. I'll manage your events or projects to make sure they meet or exceed their goals, but you get the credit. >>Read More

    Micro Business or Solopreneur - Maybury Marketing

    Are you a Micro Business or Solopreneur?

    In a small business, often a 1 man or 1 woman show, you are everything: marketer, sales manager, product manager, financial controller and every other role in between. It can be difficult to juggle all aspects of being self employed. I help smaller business and entrepreneurs with general marketing. I’ll break down the jargon and show you the ropes so you can get up to speed quickly. We’ll work out a plan that suits your unique business and your individual goals. >>Read More

    Club or Non-Profit - Maybury Marketing

    Are you a Club or Non-Profit?

    If you're a Club or Non-Profit organisation, you know how important it is to organise fundraisers. Maybe you have an idea for an event but don’t know where to start to get it off the ground. I have worked with many groups on big events and the results speak for themselves. Likewise, if you are a business looking to organise a corporate event or a product launch but perhaps you don’t have the time to do this yourself. Worry not, leave all the nitty, gritty organisational nightmares to me. We’ll discuss your vision and bring it to life. >>Read More

  • There's several ways we can work together.

    Whether you're just starting out in business, you need to hit the ground running, or you're well established and have specific projects in mind, I've a range of options to help and which can be tailor made for you. Check out my standard programmes or get in touch to find out more.

  • Explore what I can do for Your Business ...

    Digital & Print Marketing - Revenue Management - Press Coverage - Event Management

    Grow Sales - Maybury Marketing

    Grow Sales

    Increase Reach - Maybury Marketing

    Increase Reach

    Get Your Message Out - Maybury Marketing

    Get Your Message Out

    Be More Visible - Maybury Marketing

    Be More Visible

  • Sandra Maybury - Maybury Marketing

    What Clients Say......


    Sandra's deep knowledge of the hotel industry has proved invaluable since our partnership with her began. Our journey through recessionary times, hotel expansion, redevelopment and various milestones along the way was made easier with her professionalism and advice. A great “go to” person to bounce ideas off, honest and reliable – Sandra is, one of the industry’s true gems! Mary Bernard, Sales & Marketing Manager, Maryborough Hotel


    I have worked with Sandra for a number of years now and whether she is working on publicity for a client, or as a member of an organisation, or simply being the brains behind some big event, she has always impressed me with her excellent organisational skills and her unwavering calm and confidence. Whether an event is a small local outing, or a major multi-layered project, she injects the same sense of enthusiasm and energy, and of course, total efficiency, into each one. She understands how the media works, and is always available to answer questions or organise additional information at short notice. Siobhan Cronin, news editor, Southern Star


    Mentoring with Sandra was one of the best thing to happen to me during the most difficult time in my career due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. I simply cannot recommend Sandra enough! She is absolutely incredible! She is so experienced and passionate in what she does and most importantly, she truly cares to help you and always gives her best in order to find the best possible solutions for your business. I never came across somebody like Sandra. She is a true inspiration. She helped me so much in putting the right focus on the most important things in my business. I would highly recommend working with Sandra.

    Thea, Dublin


    Listen to Sandra

    Sandra is here speaking on the Everything Entrepreneurial podcast with Curtis Harley. Listen here for insights on business, marketing and growth or watch her speaking here on YouTube.



  • Helping Businesses Get the Most Out of Every Opportunity

  • Sandra Maybury - Maybury Marketing

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