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Micro Business or Solopreneur

Are You a Micro Business or Solopreneur?

In a small business, often a 1 person show, you are everything … marketer, sales manager, product manager, financial controller and every other role in between and it can be difficult to juggle all aspects of being self employed. I help smaller business and entrepreneurs with their general marketing. I’ll break down the jargon. I will show you the ropes so you can get up to speed quickly. We’ll work out a plan that suits your unique business and your individual goals. In a small business, your message is very important. In most cases your message is your story and your story is your brand.

Continually re-evaluating your offering is essential to maximising results in today’s market place as products/services, markets, customers and needs change rapidly. We’ll start by evaluating where you are at right now and decide where you want to be in your business. We’ll look at who your customers are and how best to reach them.

Be it help with creating a business plan, marketing plan, social media campaigns, print ad campaigns or growing your brand, the end goal for any business is to sell more – I can help you.