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Revenue Management

Increasing Web Revenues

I have worked with many hotels across Ireland both independent hotels and group properties to grow their online revenue. Having worked in this industry for so long, I have a keen eye to spot opportunities for growth. I work with my clients, starting with an audit on their current offering, from room types, rates and availability on the various distribution channels, right through to creating rate structures and revenue management plans tailored for their property. I will match your property with the right online channels to reach your target audience and sell more rooms at the best available rate, while including up-selling opportunities on both bedrooms sales and other departments.

I have worked in hospitality all my life really, I grew up in our family run hotel. After college, I went to work with one of Ireland’s largest hotels group, back then the world of online hotel bookings was just emerging, so my skill set and knowledge developed as did the trends. I love to help hoteliers to grow their sales and make informed decisions on sales plans and rate and revenue management.