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Getting out of my comfort zone

To succeed in life and in business, we need to step outside our comfort zone every now and then. In my work as a mentor and marketing consultant, I am always preaching to clients, how people by from people, so they need to be their brand and represent their business. To stop hiding behind a logo and connect withpeople. To network and to put their image out on their social media and to top all that, I tell them to post videos, as video is the most engaging form of content. According to InVideo, video content is 12 times more successful than other types of content. 

Clients say, “Oh No Sandra, I hate that. I hate putting myphotos online. There is no way I could do a video !!” and I tell them, I get it !! I know how uncomfortable it can bebut to just consider how this can help their business. But I would never push them to do anything that they don’t want to, however most clients come around to the idea with time. I tell clients all the time, especially in a small business, that people buy from people and in order to truly connect with our customers, we need to be visible and represent our brand. 

But I was being a fraud !! Telling clients to do all this while I was hiding behind my own logo. 

I’ve spoken openly on my social media platforms about howuncomfortable I am on camera, speaking on video or posting photos of myself. I am my worse critic, I’m surewe all are. My hair is a mess! I’ve too much make up! Not enough make up! Look at those wrinkles! I hate my voice! What will people think of me? What are they saying about me? All those thoughts runthrough my head every single time I post something online. But I’ve come to realise and slowly accept,that, others will have opinions but I cannot control what others think or do! Also, most people are too busy worrying about themselves to pay too much attention to my concerns. 

So, in 2021, I set myself a challenge to be more visible onsocial media and post videos. I did this for a number of reasons. 1/ the challenge for me, 2/ to practise what I preach and 3/ to inspire others. In 2021, I posted 1 video, yes just 1 – epic fail, I know!! I came up with every excuse. I often went so far as the record a video or take a photo but talk myself out of actually posting it. Excuses : I’m too busy, I’ll wait until I’m more prepared, people will know where I am, who cares what I’m doing !! Trust me, I have lots of excuses. 

But not one to give up, I said I’d do better in 2022 and I did do better, I posted about 10 videos throughout the year, wrinkles, messy hair and all! I took the ‘Progress not Perfection’ approach and didn’t overthink the content. Now, I know I could do better but at least I did it. For 2023, I won’t be trying to better that number but I do promise to keep up what I’ve started.  

Here is a link to a video I posted in January 2022, as you cantell, I was a nervous wreck, I think I recorded 14 videos before I was ok with posting this one. 


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And here is a link to a very quick video I posted January 2023, progress not perfection, I’m still not very comfortable on camera but the more videos I do, it does get easier. 

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In 2022, I had plenty content as I was able to post updates on abook I wrote, called SPINS, which tells the story of my parents, who are considered among the original entrepreneurs of West Cork. And with that my parents became the stars ofmy feed. Anytime I shared a photo of them or a post about them, the comments went crazy and well deserved too. I got such a lovely response to posts about the book, which I do appreciate.  

Then there is Ella, my 8 year old daughter who has also posted afew promotional videos on my feed. I wish I could have an ounce of her confidence. Where it could take me maybe 10 practice runs to get the video right, she can do it in 1 take. I hope she will retain this confidence through

Thank you for reading this blog on how I am getting out of my comfort zone, I’m not there yet but it’s a work in progress. I really do hope this blog inspires even one person to do something that they’ve been putting off for a long time because its outside their comfort zone.