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HELLO 2024

Well here we are 1st January 2024!! And it’s only now that I’m writing my wrap up for 2023. I think come December 22nd..... I just crashed!! December was an extremely busy month, so I’ve been pretty quiet on socials all over the festive season!

I woke up this morning, feeling really positive! Last night, we celebrated the New Year as a family. Myself, hubby, 3 daughters, my parents and extended family. It was the first time in years that we’ve been out for New Years Eve. And as each new year comes along, I’m very aware of how
fortunate we all are, your health is your wealth in this world. I’m also all too mindful that next year could be very different. So we should live in the moment and make the most of life.

Enough of the soppy stuff. 2023 was a busy, busy year. I usually talk about all the things I should have done or I could do better. Eg. social media presence, I really need to up my game there! But not today. Today I’d prefer to reflect on what I did do. I’ve had some amazing opportunities this year. Really lovely work projects, that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed and some that have pushed me out of my comfort zone. I’m very grateful for the opportunities that have come my way this past year and the doors that have been opened for me for 2024.

I am especially excited for 2024 and what lies ahead. Business is good heading into the New Year and long may that last. I love the mix of the work I do, project management, marketing consultancy, training or PR, the work is so varied, it never gets boring. I also do lots of mentoring, both with SFA and LEO. I love mentoring, as I get to meet the most interesting people, from all different sectors, at different stages in their business from across Ireland. No two days are ever the same. Lucky me.

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December 2023, saw me take on another huge challenge!! I accepted the role of President of Network Ireland West Cork. There is a right time for everything, I’d relate this to the old saying ‘What is for you won’t pass you’ and 2024 was the right time to go forward for the president’s role. I am very grateful for the support I have received both professionally and personally and how this has grown my confidence. Network Ireland has widened my network not just locally but nationally, I have made lifelong friends and colleagues, and we support each other wholeheartedly. I am looking forward to working with the 2024 committee, Network Ireland has so much to offer the many dynamic, creative and influential women in business in West Cork either as employers, employees or solopreneurs. As a committee we plan to deliver exceptional events that cover a broad range of subjects to include professional development, business support, marketing, finance and many other topics. Here I am with the chain, pictured with Anna Healy, VP and Anna Groniecka, VPD.

This year I was reminded of the Eisenhower Matrix. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out.
I realised I spent most of the year concentrating the ‘Urgent/Important’ tasks and also wasting time on the ‘not urgent/not important’ tasks. When I should have been working on the ‘Not urgent/important’ tasks. Think about it ???? Those are the tasks that are forever on my to do list.

Just recently I purchased a ‘mood board’. This is new for me but I plan to write down my intentions for the year ahead and place that board in my office to remind me of how far I’ve come and what my goals are. While I’m not setting any ‘take over the world’ plans, if I can keep doing what I’m doing, I’ll be very happy. Stay in my own lane, not get overwhelmed with the latest trends and technology. If we can all just do our best, surely that’s good enough.

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I saw a hack on socials this week, where you take a jar and keep it on your desk for the year ahead. Every time you do something that you are proud of. Write a little note about it and pop it in the jar. Then at the end of the year, read those notes to remind you of what you have achieved. Ithink we are often too harsh on ourselves, concentrating on what we didn’t do, instead of celebrating what we did do. So my jar and mood board will take centre stage in my little office this year.

As we start a new year, I remain eternally grateful to all of those who have supported me, professionally and personally and for the connections I have made. I am truly grateful. Wishing you all good health and happiness for 2024.


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