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Well I didn't expect that to happen.....

Online Networking, little did I ever think it could be so powerful.

In the crazy world of social media, it is possible to network online and make genuine connections than lead to business opportunities. Well that has been my experience, especially when I crossed paths with Samantha Kelly, better known as 'The Tweeting Goddess'.

It all began with a simple connection on LinkedIn. Little did I know that this virtual handshake would evolve into a meaningful friendship and a mutually beneficial professional relationship. Our interaction started with the occasional like on each other's posts, perhaps a comment here and there, and eventually progressed to sharing insights, resources, and even clients.

Reflecting on our journey, it's remarkable how effortlessly and naturally our connection
unfolded. There was no forced networking agenda, no ulterior motives, just genuine interest and a shared passion for marketing. Despite being in the same field, there was never a hint of competition between us. Instead, we embraced the concept of "coopetition," understanding that collaboration breeds success far more effectively than competition ever could.

As her LinkedIn profile aptly describes, Samantha is a connector of dotsand a collector of people. Her selfless ability to bring individuals together and foster genuine relationships is exceptional.

Despite knowing each other online for a number of years, our first timemeeting in person was when Samantha extended an invitation for me to join us at the Digital Summit in Croke Park last Summer.

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I also attended the social media summit that Samantha organised in Wexford last November, where I was invited to speak on a panel. She has consistently provided opportunities for learning, networking, and personal development. I am immensely grateful for her support and the doors she has opened for me along the way.


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This week,I had the honor of reciprocating her kindness by inviting Samantha to speak at the Network Ireland West Cork March event, at Regus, Clonakilty. Her presence not only enriched our gathering but also inspired everyone in attendance with her remarkable journey, invaluable knowledge, and practical tips.

So many key take aways, where to start....
· People buy from people. Be authentic - I'm always preaching this to my clients too

· The power of kindness - Samantha shows this every day and what goesaround comes around and that can be a very positive experience

· And of course, we loved all the tips and tricks that Samantha sharedwith us on how to utilise LinkedIn and X better. Hence why I'm using LinkedIn
newsletters now !!

To conclude, my journey with Samantha Kelly reminds me that online networking is not about exchanging business cards or adding connections on social media; it's about cultivating genuine relationships, being open to collaboration, and lifting others up along the way.

As I continue to navigate the challenges of digital networking, I am grateful for
the lessons learned and the connections made, especially those as impactful as
my friendship with The Tweeting Goddess herself.

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