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What was I thinking???

This time last year I was frantically doing the final edits to a book I’d written, so I could launch it before the year end. If I’m honest, this time last year was manic and a tad stressful. The weeks leading up to the book launch felt very rushed. But you see, I’d put the word out on social media
that I was writing a book, so I was feeling a bit of pressure, as people were asking ‘Hows the book going?’. Plus I was all too aware of my aging parents health. But by the way, one year later, they are doing great, what was I worrying about???

So I officially launched SPINS on 18th November 2022. SPINS is a story of my parents lives. Of course, we had a book launch at The Parkway Hotel, anyone who knows our family will know, we’ll have a get together to celebrate everything and anything. I was so overwhelmed by the number of people who came to the book launch, we are very appreciative of their support.

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After the book launch, it was all still manic, supplying books in shops across West Cork, thank you to all the retailers who stocked it. And also busy processing online book orders to far flung places across the globe. Trips to the post office were a daily occurrence in those first few weeks. What amazed me was the number of people who bought books from far destinations and I couldn’t work out why? I didn’t know them, so I presumed they didn’t know us and I wondered why they took an interest. There were orders from lots of familiar names too, people originally from Dunmanway, who had long since left West Cork and it was lovely to reconnect with them.

On reflection, especially over the past few months, I find myself thinking ‘Did that really happen?’, ‘Did I actually write a book?’, ‘Did I really publish photos and details of my family for the whole world to read if they wish?’ and then the most regular question that pops into my head is ......................‘Why?’ ................. ‘What mad notion did I get to write a book’? It is all a bit surreal to think about it really.

Why did I write a book ‘SPINS’ about my parents.... Sonny & Mary Maybury?
Here is what I try to remind myself..........

  • My parents have lived eight decades…. anyone who has lived this long has stories to tell and I wanted to hear those stories and record them. Life is busy, and we can easily get swept away in the busyness of life until it is too late. Yes, my parents have done so much in their lives but so have many others. If this book encouraged others to talk to their elders and hear their stories then that’s an achievement.   
  • For future generations to know about those who came before them.
  • For every person who contacted either me, a family member or my parents to comment on the book… I thank you most sincerely !!! It was all those lovely comments about the stories in the book that lifted our spirits. Not that they needed lifting but it is a really lovely boost for Mam and Dad, to get recognition for the great things they did throughout their lives. What was also very special was the number of people who took time to put pen to paper and send either me or my parents cards and letters, saying how they enjoyed reading the book…. Those gestures we were blown away by, so thank you.
  • For every person who told us how they smiled when they reminisced about times gone by and how they laughed at stories they remember hearing about or witnessing themselves…. You are welcome.
  • For every person who wrote a lovely comment on social media, thank you for your support

To conclude, to all who purchased SPINS, thank you… because, together, we’ve raised €2,500 for a very worthy charity, see below an email received earlier this week. I always wanted profits from books sales to go to charity because what we've gained from this book, money couldn't buy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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Dear Sandra,

Thank you so much for your extremely generous donation of €2,500, this willsupport people across Ireland who need emergency pre-hospital care through our Volunteer Emergency Medic Responder service.

This year Sandra, with your help and the help of other individuals,businesses, and communities, we want to fund lifesaving kits and equipment for our Volunteer Emergency MedicResponders. These volunteers are highly qualified, and themajority work as Consultants and Specialist Registrars in Emergency Departments across the country. They are willing to leave their homes and families to respond to serious incidents and major emergencies in their local areas
whenever they can, often late at night, early in the morning and at weekends.

Our VolunteerEmergency Medic Responders have responded to over 1800 emergency calls in their communities since 2020.

Your donation of €2,500 is now helping us to grow this vital communityservice.

Thank You Sandra, from many grateful patients, their friends, and families,across the country.

Micheál Sheridan

Chief Executive Officer
(Receipt number14863)


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