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Work Placement – My Hopes for 2021

by Marian Dennehy

Hi there, my name is Marian and I am a third-year marketing student in Munster Technological University. As 2021 begins so does my 15 week work placement with Maybury Marketing. I am excited as to what I can bring to the table and what I can learn from Sandra and the experiences that await me.

Just to give you all an insight into my life so far, I’m 21-years-old and I’m from County Kerry and I am in my third year in my Business Marketing course. I started my marketing degree in 2018 in which we covered all levels of marketing. When I was growing up it became very clear the importance of social media and technology in general and how it plays a key part of the success and growth of any business. Sandra has kindly welcomed me to her team with the hope that I can bring new fresh ideas.

This work experience gives us as students an insight into what to expect in the future and give us a glimpse into what is required to run a successful business. Entering the workforce can be daunting for any person, regardless of age, experience, ability, how nice your employer is and especially when you’re used to the laid-back student lifestyle. But I am excited to settle into a routine of working from home through zoom meetings and emails and I am sure it won’t take long to settle in.

My hopes and goals for this placement are simple, I want to develop a further understanding as to how Sandra keeps up to date with the latest technology and how she is successful in rebranding her business at the start of the global pandemic. I want to learn how she makes a connection with her consumers without the face to face interactions that used to happen before March 2020 and how she took a leap of fate during unprecedented times. I also want to further develop my skills that I have learnt through various modules and work experience and put them into practice in my time with Maybury Marketing.

What can I offer ? I hope to bring a fresh outlook to Maybury Marketing and I aim to ensure that Maybury Marketing’s clients get the exposure that they desire and make content more consistent and relevant by utilising my knowledge of social media and online experiences.

I’m excited for the next 15 weeks and where it might lead me to in my career.


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